Considered as one of the best show crews in the world. First generation dancers from Switzerland and Japan. International judges and event organizers. Oldest still active website about the dance in the world wide web.

Founded in Bern, Switzerland in spring 1986. Members are located in Switzerland & Japan. Pioneers and first generation dancers. Worldwide known for creative and theme-based shows.

Spartans were warriors – the hardest, toughest and most brutal ones. They did everything with maximum engagement. Regardless of what happened, they were loyal and helped each other. The logo represents the original Spartan warrior helmet.

Established April 1, 1996. Nominated twice for “Best Website Dedicated to the Art of B-Boying” at the “Online Hip Hop Awards”. Hosted the first version of the “Battle of the Year” – website between 1998 and 1999. First website about the dance in the world wide web, along with “Dancers Delight” and “Cardboard Only”.

We’d like to show interested people what we think the culture and the dance is all about, so that you get a starting point for your own discoveries and experiences. Keep on digging through our website!