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This site was established on April 1st, 1996 and was one of the very first about Breaking, also known as B-Boying or Breakdancing, in the entire world wide web. Other early websites about the dance like “Cardboard Only” and “Dancer’s Delight” no longer exist. Therefore, you are looking at the oldest, still active website about this dance!

Spartanic Rockers

Spartanic Rockers was founded in Bern, Switzerland in Spring 1986. Members from Japan joined the crew in 1997. Many of the crew members are pioneers and first generation dancers in their countries.

The crew is well known for creative and theme-based shows. And is considered as one of the best show crews in the world.

Check out the crew section to learn more.

Breaking Knowledge

We’d like to share our passion for and knowledge about this dance with you. We hope that we can give you a starting point for your own discoveries and experiences.

Keep on browsing through our site, dig into the knowledge about this dance, and hopefully you’ll get inspired.

Breaking Advice

This dance is very physically demanding and injuries can happen very easily. If you pay attention to some simple things and properly learn the foundation of the dance, you can avoid short and long-term damage to your body.

Check out the advice section to learn more about the basics of the dance, as well as tips about your body, health, and nutrition.

Hip Hop Culture

Breaking is part of the Hip Hop culture. A culture that fosters creativity, inclusion, and that crosses many boundaries to unite people. Unfortunately, many industries exploited the culture over the last 30+ years to sell their products. And often times they spread a lot of misinformation due to ignorance or in order to boost their sales .

Explore the culture section to learn more about the history and the actual values.