These statements of Hip Hop pioneers and well known artists need no more explanation…

GrandWizard Theodore (The Source, 100th Issue, Jan. 98):
Learn your history and give props where props are due.

Kool Herc (The Source, 100th Issue, Jan. 98):
1520 Cedric Avenue in the Bronx. It was a recreation center. That place is always gonna be the first place in Hip Hop. The creation. The start of the B-Boy, the 2 turntables and the jam.

Trac2 of Starchild La Rock (Rap Pages, Special Dance Issue, Sept. 96):
He hears some music, starts to dance, then turns and hits the floor. I could not take my eyes off him because he was like a ballet dancer on the floor. Everything he did was so graceful. His footwork was swift, neat, compact and without a sound. You couldn’t hear his feet tapping or anything. He was smooth – that’s what amazed me. He was poetry in motion, like dancing on a cloud….

Maurizio aka The Next One (Interview with TSR, Oct. 98):
You think that Toprocking is the introduction, but you make a big mistake! Because Toprocking is the dance, the real dance. It’s not the introduction. Footwork and Toprocking is the real dance…

Maurizio aka The Next One (Interview with TSR, Oct. 98):
And the thing very important for B-Boys is that B-Boys gotta shock you. B-Boys come from nowhere. All moves. When you see the dancers make their moves and you understand what they gotta do next it’s like you lose the feeling with the dancers.

Kid Freeze (The Source, 100th Issue, Jan. 98):
We were creating these moves, trying to get what nobody else had ’cause when we went out there, we wanted to be different. We didn’t wanna be like anybody who went to clubs, looked to see who was doin’ what, then went home to bite it. Nowadays, you got these video bandits that wait for you to do a move on video, then they do it.

Abigail (The Source, 100th Issue, Jan. 98):
The first time I saw Breaking, they were battlin’. It took me away. I thought it was mad dope. The way people could move and freeze their bodies like that….The way I acted like then is how I want to people to act when they see me.

“What is Style?” by Remy (Spartanic Rockers)
Style – [stail] – characteristic speciality to express, formulate something.
Nowadays when you go to a party you can see a lot of young and new dancers but there are hardly any new moves and ideas around. A lot of things are copied and taken over…

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