The Knowledge

The expression B-Boying probably originated from the african word “Boioing” which means to “hop, jump” and which was used in the Bronx River area (NYC) to describe the bouncy style of Breaking that the B-Boys did.

It was also used to describe the ball on their ski hats that went boioing when they danced.

The “B” of B-Girl/B-Boy stands for Break-Girl/Break-Boy (some use it also for Boogie or Bronx) because they got down to the floor during compounded and therefore expanded breaksections of records: Break on the Breaks.

B-Boying – also known as Breaking or “Breakdance” (the latter term was created by the media) – should not be mixed up with Popping (Electric Boogaloo) and Locking because these dancestyles have their own terms, histories and pioneers.

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