The Culture


Hip Hop started in the middle of the 70ies in the Bronx in New York City (USA). The basic idea of this culture was that people battle with creativity, not with weapons. A battle of different (and better) styles to turn the senseless violence into productive energy.

The culture consists of 4 elements:
B-Boying stands for the danced,
MCing for the literal,
DJing for the musical and
Writing for the graphical expression.

As Hip Hop and B-Boying is very present in the media nowadays people believe they have already all information about it. They don’t need to dig, find out and learn about the history and true values of the culture by themselves.

Of course the public can’t know that almost all the information the media and record companies are giving them is wrong.

Companies created (wrong) images to sell their products. And their view points have nothing to do with the culture and result in misconceptions about it. Which is a pity!

The positivity (creativity) and the uniqueness (universal language) of the culture get more and more overwhelmed by business and consumption . It’s more and more all about products.

Read about the history of the culture.