Always drink enough, not only because of your performance but mainly also to prevent diseases. And pay attention to a balanced nutrition that you don’t get defects.

The human body consists of about 60% water! Thus it is clear that water plays an important role. Always drink enough! Because of sweating your body loses a lot of water and mineral salts, thus you get an imbalanced aquatic- and mineral salt- household.

Drink before you are thirsty!
At the time when you feel thirsty your body already sends signals and thus it reminds you of a lack.

Pay attention that your body don’t get drained!
Insufficiency of liquid causes that the metabolism processes don’t work with the necessary efficiency anymore or at all. Because of that your performance gets reduced (2% aquatic lost causes a 20% reduction of the performance).

If you don’t drink enough over a longer time you can even get diseases!
Decrease of the total aquatic household:
3%: Reduction of spittle excretion and urine production.
5%: Temperature increasing, problems with the heart.
10%: Among other things perplexity.
20%: Death!

Because of the reduced urine production toxicities aren’t excreted anymore. This causes the building of sediments like nephritic and urinary stones.

Wait at least for about 1 hour after a big meal before you practice. And pay attention to a balanced nutrition!

Pay attention not to get a lack of certain important elements!
This happens when your nutrition isn’t balanced enough or when your body needs more of an element (because of the extreme performances) than you feed.

The most common insufficiency appearances:

Lack of Calcium:
Recognition: white dot(s) in the fingernail(s) (which can also be caused by zinc deficiency), uncontrollable muscle-shrugging, cramps.
Consequences: problems with skeleton/structure of the bones, with contraction of muscles, with your capacity, with coagulation of the blood. Further it can cause a failure in the hormone and enzyme household.
Adjustment: consume more milk/milk-products; eat more vegetable, fruits and cereal.

Lack of Magnesium:
Recognition: cramp appearances (also during sleep).
Consequences: muscle flaccidities, tremblement, failure in the enzyme household (ATP-cycle).
Adjustment: consume more milk/milk-products.

Lack of Potassium:
Recognition: musculature feebleness (even near paralysis), apathy, sleepiness caused by heavy sudation.
Consequences: perturbed enzyme activation, bioelectrical performance of the cells and intracellular osmotic pressure.

Lack of Iron:
Recognition: exhausted, feebleness.
Consequences: bad recovery, frequently sick.