B-Boy Advice

First of all Breaking is a dance. If you are not on beat and on point with the rhythm and groove you are not Breaking. Listen to and feel the music.

Further Breaking took shape with a certain form and has a certain definition. Build on the toprock/ground movements/ending formula. Because when you bust a set it’s like telling a story, you need a beginning, a middle and an end.

Foundation is the key for everything also for Breaking, ’cause if you don’t have it, what are you doing?!

But the most important thing is that Breaking is about adding your flavour to the already existing foundation, about inventing new stuff and being creative.

So what is, where and how can you learn the foundation?

As opposed to most beginner’s opinion Breaking can’t be learned just within some weeks, it takes several years to get some good skills!

The foundation of the dance is based on steps in standing position (toprocks), steps on the floor (footwork), spins and so called freezes. If you haven’t any clue about these basics here are some possibilities to check them out:

– Go to an event that features B-Girls/B-Boys.
– Go to a place where B-Girls/B-Boys are practising.
– Check out videos of Breaking events, crews or dancers.
(recommended: DMC B-Boy Foundation – instructional video / The Freshest Kids – documentary video)

As soon as you visualized the basics try to engage with the moves, find out how they work and develop them to the next level. Breaking is about finding your own character, your own style….it’s about being creative!

And don’t forget, there are so many different aspects of style and originality: toprock; drop down into footwork every time differently; footwork with little steps and tricks and not just plain six step; freezes (creative and not trendy stuff); different and new spinning moves; end all of these moves with something; get up and make all one piece, one whole story!