Hip Hop Culture

As Hip Hop and B-Boying is that present in the media nowadays people have already all information around. They don’t need to dig, find out and learn about the culture by themselves as it was back in the days when everything started.

Of course they can’t know that almost all the information the media and record companies are giving them is crap.

Images built up just to sell their products which have actually nothing to do with the culture and which are totally wrong and actually also contradictory and result in misconceptions about the culture and the dance. That’s a pity!

The positivity (creativity) and the uniqueness (universal language) of the culture get more and more overhelmed by consume and business. It’s more and more all about products.

We’d like to show interested people what we think the culture and the dance is all about to give you a starting point for your own discoveries and experiences. Keep on digging through our website!