Uprocking is a dance style formed and shaped in the early 70’s in the ghetto of Brooklyn’s Bushwick section.

The Up-Rock dance style was originally conceived by a fellow named Rubber Band who lived in Bushwick’s ghetto. He invented the Up-Rock style of dancing back in the 70’s as an alternative to the gang fighting that permeated his neighborhood.

Rubber Band used the Up-Rock dance moves as a way for gangs to compete against each other through movement and style. This form of floor dance was then translated to “The Battle” that resulted in a win or a lose competition. It was done in a line (not a circle) 7 on 7, 10 on 10,….There were big crews back then. If you were good at it you never touched.
The people who usually touched were the ones who sucked and got burned.

It is called “Rock” because it was originated from different bits and peaces of Salsa. As far the moves there is footworks and shakes. A lot of good Rockers did the Latin Hustle because back in the days it went hand in hand. Sadly Rubber Band lost his life through a jealious dance rift. Later another follower of Rubber Band named Eddie Figueroa passed on and taught Papo, Clark and Manny the intricate moves and steps of Up-Rock dance in tribute to the memory of Rubber Band.

Dynasty Rockers were Brooklyn’s first Up-Rocker dance crew. It consisted around No. 1 dancer like Danny Boy, Carlos, Tony, Ralph and Gary. As more people became interested in the Dynasty Rockers it branched out to junior Dynasty Dancers and girls Dynasty Dancers who also uprocked on the scene. As Up-Rocking gained its popularity it gave birth to other local area Up-Rocker dance crews such as: Latin Timbales, Dynamic Spinner, Rock With Class, Touch Of Class, TNT Rockers, Lil Daves Rockers, MTC (Music To Communicate), Jig O Bugs, Mysterious To Burn, Universal Dancers, Explosive Rockers, Down To Burn, Holy Smoke Rockers, Incredible Rockers, Rock With Style, Just Begun Rockers and Down To Rock.

All of these groups were out there displaying their talents in a effort to keep the Up-Rock dance style alive. It was crews like Touch Of Rock that featured the awesome footwork of Up-Rockers Buz, Duz, Snoopy, Noel and more. As for Up-Rock Papo and J.R. from Dynamic Spinners are still said to be the true pioneers of Up-Rock and they still even dance today.

Many dancers today don’t know about the Up-Rock music of the 70’s. Keeping that continuous beat required precision and a DJ was as good as the records he was spinning. Those who played the classic Up-Rock records were DJ crews like Majestic Disco Sound, Pizazz Disco Sound, Disco Twins, Electrifying Sounds, Sound Of Dynasty, Disco Stompers, Divine Sounds and more.

However the fact remains that the Up-Rocking crews never received the international recognition and acclaim for Up-Rocking like the Breakers got for Breaking in the early 80’s.

(Resources: Articles and Interviews of Ralph “King Up Rock” Casanova)